Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus: Check Out the Leaked Specs

galaxy tab s7

Generally speaking, tablets are significantly outclassed by laptops and desktop computers. But there’s at least one tech company out there that wants to prove that exceptions can be made. The company that we’re talking about is obviously Samsung, as it prepares the launch of the wonderful Galaxy Tab S7 Plus tablet.

Samsung will most likely launch next month both the standard Galaxy Tab S7 and the Plus version, along with the Galaxy Note 20 lineup of smartphones.

5G support

Since the 5G technology is slowly becoming the new standard for mobile devices, Samsung’s upcoming tablets cannot do otherwise but comply. The internet will be much faster and stable through the 5G network, and enjoying live streaming won’t be painful anymore.

Furthermore, the Tab S7 Plus will also be featuring a 12.4-inch display packed with a resolution of 2,800 x 1,752 pixels. Gamers may wish more from the tablet, as they will find at least 6GB of RAM and 128GB for the internal storage. However, these numbers are still high enough for a tablet! Those who will buy the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus will meet again the Galaxy Tab S6‘s in-display fingerprint sensor.

We also have to admit that cameras play a major role among mobile devices nowadays. Samsung’s future tablet is not doing bad in this area as well. The gadget will be featuring the dual rear camera setup present on the Tab S6. A 5MP secondary camera will be joining the primary 13MP snapper. There’s also an 8MP camera mounted on the front.

Fabulous battery

The star of the show regarding the Galaxy Tab S7’s specs is the battery. It’s capable of 10,090mAh, and Tab S6’s 15W charging support could be included as well. The upcoming tablet will also be sporting the new Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset.

Would you want anything more from Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 Plus tablet? Let us know in a comment!

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