Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Might Launch Soon To Compete With iPad Pro

Samsung is rumored to launch an upgrade for Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 – the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (possibly to be called Tab S20). Moreover, it is said that the new Samsung appearance is going to compete with iPad Pro models.

Galaxy Tab S7 vs. iPad Pro – Which features do the two gadgets bring?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 6 reviews show that the software and hardware part are outstanding, in some parts, even exceeding the iPad Pro. Such examples could be the keyboard and the touchpad. However, what stands in iPad Pro’s favor is the more significant appearance of the display.

Moreover, Apple is announcing new products on the market as well: the up and coming iPad Pro 2020 and the upgrade for iPad OS 13.4. There are no other leaks about Apple’s new products, but the release date is thought to be in the same month for both companies, Samsung and Apple – August.

The Possible specs of Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 might come out, most likely, with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, which has also been used in the other gadgets that the South Korean tech giant has already released this year.

Compared to Apple’s custom A12Z Bionic chipset, Samsung may not have any advantage over its competitor in this aspect. However, Apple is presenting this year its new iPads Pros, which are going to be as fast as the older versions. Therefore, this is Samsung’s chance to gain some traction over Apple.

On the other hand, Samsung includes, for the first time, the 5G mobile data option, which will undoubtedly be a lead against Apple. Other revolutionary upgrades are represented by the desktop upgrades and the state-of-the-art camera, comparable to the one in Galaxy S20.

The possible Galaxy Tab S7 price

Furthermore, a crucial advantage over iPad Pro would be the price. While the iPad Pro 11-inch is currently rated at $799, the cost for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 could range around $649.

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