Samsung Galaxy S21 – Crucial Update That Vanishes The iPhone 12!

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is the South Korean company’s next smartphone, just after the Note series, including the fantastic Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and the freshly introduced Galaxy Z Fold 2.

High Hopes

From what was rumored about the device so far, it appears that it will pack awe-inspiring technology, from more compact cameras to top-notch cameras, with a crucial upgrade that was recently leaked.

MySmartPrice has reported a certification for the Galaxy S21 lineup that reveals the battery sizes that the devices will pack.

The 3C certification doesn’t mention the particular devices it applies to, but we have some reasons to believe that they are associated with them.

The base version Galaxy S21 will pack a 3,880 mAh battery, while the S21 Plus will be powered by an enormous 4,660 mAh battery.

Current Status

The Galaxy S20 runs on a 4,000mAh battery that typically runs out faster when you use top features like the 120Hz display, so the 120mAh decrease for the S21 standard model is a peculiar decision.

The S21 series successor to the Galaxy S20 Plus will pack a 106mAh bumped-up battery.

Unfortunate Choices?

We are a bit surprised to see the base Galaxy model’s capacity drop, but we don’t have information about the size of the device or other technical data, so we can’t say if the battery isn’t big enough yet.

However, considering the premium features expected for the lineup, an increased capacity makes more sense, as we’ve seen for the S21 Plus.

The news comes as a tough wake-up call for Apple fans, as the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max pack a 3,046 mAh and 3,969 mAh battery accordingly, with the regular iPhone 11 being powered by a 3,110 mAh cell.

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