Samsung Galaxy S20 News About Its Cameras Revealed Excellent Features

Samsung Galaxy S20 will be released soon, but that doesn’t mean we can’t listen to a few rumors anymore. The latest, for example, stir up some of the most intriguing facts so far about Galaxy S20’s cameras.

It is claimed that as an enhancement over the last versions, the triple cameras can capture three photos at the same time. And all of that with only one click. The user can also pick which picture it’s the best to keep.

Enhanced Functions Over Previous Features

Some smartphone manufacturers would have a specialized team running as many tests as required to bring the best enhancements to the different functions in their devices. One way implemented is to boost up the capacity, such as more significant or a more substantial number of cameras, or, sometimes, an improved battery life.

The manufacturer has also developed functions to enhance the software so that the components can provide an excellent user experience. Galaxy S20 got the Quick Take feature, for example, that has recently been claimed. There are many chances Samsung would introduce such a function to its upcoming set of the Galaxy Note installments. The Quick Take feature could also arrive on Samsung Galaxy S10, too.

Moreover, as more features are better than one, there is another one, dubbed Single Take Photo, that makes the cameras to shoot both videos and pictures of the region through which the camera is moved. The user can pick the favorite image or video. The Live Focus had also been enhanced significantly.

Samsung Galaxy S20’s Camera Bumps Leaked Images

Other leaked images unveil three devices put one next one to another, upside-down. The camera bumps’ size that keeps increasing from left to right can be easily observed. As such details are only leaks, we can expect things to change significantly.

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