Samsung Galaxy S20 Could Come With An Excellent Camera Feature

The race to offer the ultimate smartphone camera experience continues as some manufacturers already offer devices with four or even five individual sensors on the rear.

Some users may be puzzled by a large number of options since it may be hard to tell if which mode would be better. Should you take a wide-angle shot? Or maybe zoom-in? What if the standard mode is the best choice?

According to a fresh leak shared by a reliable source, the Samsung S20 range will offer an answer to all of these questions in the form of a new camera mode that is called Quick Take. When this mode is active, users will have the press the button once to activate all the lenses and take several images at the same time. This means that you will obtain a standard one, an ultra-wide one, or one with the zoom turned on.

Samsung Galaxy S20’s excellent camera feature

The leaker has specified that while the smartphone should feature four sensors, only two or three of them can be activated by the function. This may mean that one of them is a depth or macro sensor that wouldn’t be relevant in some instances.

While some Samsung fans may love the upcoming addition, it is essential to highlight the fact that this is not a brand-new ability as it has been observed in the case of several devices, with some being released by LG while others being present on third-party products.

Another essential detail is the fact that when a photo is taken with a smartphone, the processor has to handle a lot of processes at the same time. Select voices anticipate that the Samsung S20 Ultra will pack a 108MP, 48MP, and 12MP sensor. If all of them try to take a photo at the same time, it may tax the chip a little. A launch event for the new Galaxy flagships should take place on February 11.

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