Samsung Galaxy S11 Will Come with a New Feature – Bright Night Camera

The information about a new feature added to Samsung Galaxy S11 is coming from a patent filed by the company to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). The license is showing a new feature for the next Samsung’s phones and tablets that will launch in the next year.

The feature is a further camera improvement and is called Bright Night. Even if Samsung has a similar function to the one that could come, we all know it by Night Mode on the phones launched this year; the company is making some changes.

The Bright Night Mode on Samsung Galaxy S11

The new feature is focusing on night-time photography, for a more and a suitable quality mode of the images. Samsung is not the only manufacturer that is trying to improve the Night Mode on its devices. After news got out about this patent, rumors started to say that the Bright Night will come to Samsung Galaxy S11. S11 is the same phone that will have the 108 MP cameras, which means that the possibility of having this sensor is quite real.

Moreover, what is interesting about this future feature is that in the patent listing, the company desires to improve the hardware segment, not in the software on. So we will see the Bright Night as a hardware feature on the new phones. Samsung will not stop here with the improvements and addition to the next phones in 2020. It is rumored that the company will add to the Samsung Galaxy S11 a five sensor camera, which has a periscope sensor that will have a 5x optical zoom.

Finally, the 8K video recording and laser autofocus will be the central features of the next Samsung Galaxy S11 models. An official statement does not exist right now, but the patent is for sure saying that Samsung wants to improve their camera for the battle that will face with Apple’s new iPhones.

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