Samsung Galaxy S10+ to Get Android 11 with New Improvements

When it comes to the South Korean Samsung company, it is safe to say that people can only say good words about them. The delays between the beta version and its addition to the device were cut down significantly this time. This seems to be the case with the next version of the operating system, Android 11 or Android R. we know this from the benchmarking site Geekbench.

The model number

When a firm submits its device to Geekbench for benchmarking, the name of the model is not made public. But it did receive an internal identity code. Samsung Galaxy S10+ has received the Samsung SM-G975F code. The operating system is mentioned to be Android R. let us keep in mind that Google has been naming its OS in an alphabetical order every year. The current version is Android Q.  besides the identity code and the new OS version, we don’t know much about it from the Geekbench listing.

Preview of the new OS

Samsung has not really tried out the new software on its new devices, even if it was released last year. We got a preview of Android 11 from Google in the last few days.

Google has released the new version of its Android OS in the second half of the year, and February may seem to be too early for the release. The company might want to get the new firmware for its Google Pixel range of phones before the other brands get it. There is a possibility out there that the time which was taken to get the stable version of the new OS to all the eligible Android devices was shrunk to the bare minimum. Most of the brands out there have developed their own user interfaces.

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