Samsung Galaxy Note 20 And Other Upcoming Devices Could Come With An Old Feature

Recent reports suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will carry a battery similar to the one found on the previous generation of devices. This means that it will be glued in and difficult to replace, a trace that has been introduced by the Samsung Galaxy S6.

While sealing the battery with the help of glue can increase the water-resistance of the device, it also complicates the replacement. In most cases, users prefer to go to a professional service center where technicians have access to the tools which allow them to pull the old cell without risks. While replacing the battery at home is possible untrained users may damage their device or hurt themselves if they don’t know what they are doing.

A reliable source mentions that the European Commission is working on a draft for an upcoming law that may force manufacturers to bring back replaceable batteries. The new legislation could be applied in the case of tablets, smartphones, and some wireless accessories.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 And Other Upcoming Devices Could Come With An Old Feature

It is also mentioned that increased warranty periods could be demanded, along with a central hub for repair instructions and a unified collection system for disposed consumer electronics. The decision is based on recent environmental concerns since many materials that are needed for the manufacturing of electronics are hard to obtain and generate significant pollution during the extraction and refinement processes.

Recycling old devices is an efficient strategy since valuable materials can be recovered and used again, lowering the overall manufacturing costs in some cases. Many consumers will also appreciate the chance to replace their batteries in a more efficient and affordable manner, allowing the ability to use the devices for a longer time.

While many manufacturers could be affected, Samsung is the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world, and it is likely that it will feel the full weight of the potential changes.

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