Samsung Galaxy M51 Details Revealed – Release Date, Specs, And More

One of the most present rumors online at this point is concerning the upcoming release of Samsung Galaxy M51 and its features. The smartphone is thought to be released at the same time as the moniker Galaxy M41. In addition to this, the developers of the gadgets will most likely skip the release of the Galaxy M50 version.

The state-of-the-art features that Samsung has implemented for this device, in particular, are an incredibly high-resolution display and a 360-degree vision for the video. Compared to the previous model, the design of this gadget will probably contain a flat-screen without being curved at the margins.

Samsung Galaxy M51 – Design, Specs, And Other Details

The backside of the Samsung Galaxy M51 will include three cameras positioned vertically in the top left corner. The flash is separated from the cameras, being situated in the top right corner of the backside. The buttons for locking and unlocking the device, as well as those for the volume, are positioned at the right, while the speakers and the USB Type-C port will be placed at the bottom of the phone.

As far as the width and length of the gadget are concerned, the smartphone is thought to feature a 6.5-inch flat display. Other key specifications include the thickness, which is believed to be at around 9.5 mm. An essential aspect of the design is represented by the color possibilities, even though there have not been any leaks concerning this matter up until now.

Consequently, the rumors are showing that Samsung is, for sure, launching an upgrade of the previous version. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy M51 is showing significant potential upgrades when compared to the M21 and M31 versions. What is still not clear is the actual different features that distinguish this upcoming model from the Galaxy 40. Nonetheless, these facts are just speculations that leaked from unknown sources, and therefore, Samsung lovers still need to wait for an official point of view.

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