Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 and Note 20 Will Reportedly Dominate iPhone 12

Many tech companies around the world are experiencing difficulties and postpone releases during these hard times for humanity. If you haven’t been living in a cave during the last several months, you know very well the reason for the scenario mentioned above. Today, we’ll talk about how Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 and Galaxy Note 20 might outperform iPhone 12.

A lot of companies are forcing their employees to work from home, and Apple reported that it’s considering the idea of delaying the launch of their iPhone 12 flagship for 2020. After being initially scheduled for September, the launch may delay for several months, but still happening in 2020. However, Samsung doesn’t seem to be affected by the ongoing global crisis.

No delay for Galaxy Note 20 and Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

An insider from Samsung informed the press that there’s no postpone coming for the releases of the Galaxy Fold 2 and Galaxy Note 20 gadgets, as writes. The two devices have the same release dates since the pandemic didn’t begin to spread. The insider declared: “Preparations are underway for the upcoming Galaxy Note launch, with no delay. Regarding a physical event, things are yet to be discussed. We are considering measures like an online event.”

However, the situation from South Korea regarding the pandemic has improved tremendously. The country managed to somehow stop the spread of the virus, after about 10,000 infected citizens and only about 200 deaths. Maybe the stopping of the new coronavirus from South Korea also helped for the plans of Samsung not to get delayed or canceled.

After the long-debated Galaxy Fold released last year, Samsung is raising the stakes even higher and will launch its successor, a smartphone-based on the same concept. Foldable phones could become a new standard soon for smartphones.

The concept is pretty simple, however: tablet and phone, both in one single device. Hopefully, Samsung learned from the mistakes of the past, and it will bring a more durable foldable phone when it releases Galaxy Fold 2. The pandemic cannot last forever, but science in general and technology, in particular, will keep on improving and making this world a lot better.

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