Samsung Galaxy A71 5G Launches On Multiple Markets

Big smartphone companies usually launch their model only in the United States and China. Things look like they are about to change for the upcoming Galaxy A71 5G edition. According to the rumors circulating the internet, Samsung is going to change its launching regions plan. What other regions are they going to include besides the USA and China?

5G connectivity is not available in all states; however, it does not look like an impediment for Samsung. Along with the Galaxy S20 series, many other devices will be part of the first-hand flagship phones to make rounds in the ‘no 5G’ countries.

Samsung Galaxy A71 5G Arrives in Multiple Markets

Samsung’s Galaxy A series and the Galaxy S series are almost at the same level when it comes to the hardware specs and efficiency. The difference between these two series is very little. The most evident difference is price-wise, as the A series can be bought at a lower price than the S series. Feature-wise, the A series also bring new experimental add-ons from time to time.

Take the flip camera feature, for example. The model number for the approaching Galaxy A71 is SM-A716B.

What makes us think that the Galaxy A71 5G smartphone is going to launch in other regions than the USA and China is the alphabet letter the developer used for the model. U and N letter means that the A71 device has 5G connectivity, which means it will be launch in the USA and China.

However, a new letter was added, which is B. This B letter makes us believe that the phone will also launch in different regions such as Europe, for example. We can also include New Zealand and Australia on the same list for the A71 model launch.

5G phones give people more choices when it comes to smartphone devices. Samsung also sold the Galaxy A90 5G edition to multiple markets, and they will probably do the same for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A71 5G. This information is based on rumors, so don’t take everything to heart and get your hopes up.

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