Samsung Display Is Now The Leading Manufacturer Of Foldable Screens

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip is part of the next generation of smartphones. What makes an excellent foldable phone? One of the things that make a foldable phone good is the glass used to make the screen. So what type of glass was used to make the Galaxy Z Flip display? And how did Samsung Display become the leader in this market?

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s display

The Z Flip’s display was made in collab with Dowoo Insys, a glass manufacturer. The glass screen of the clamshell phone is as thick as 30 micrometers. Samsung Display, a glass manufacturer as well, is making glass screens for other companies too, such as Apple. The most recent iPhones include OLED panels that they are producing.

Although this new display is better constructed from a new ultra-thin glass (UTG), it still needs extra protection. Therefore, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip display comes with an additional layer of plastic. This additional layer of plastic is rumored to be very vulnerable to scratching. The same issue we had with the first foldable phones from Samsung, the Galaxy Fold, seems to repeat.

If you remove the extra plastic layer, your Z Flip display will break. The extra plastic layer is aa must if you decide to go for this phone. According to the Samsung Display company, The Z Flip’s glass screen is “tough, yet tender.”

About Samsung Display

Samsung Display is now the primary manufacturer to create these special glass screens for the new smartphone generation. Its original creation is a big step for foldable devices. Companies making or planning to make these types of clamshell devices can turn to Samsung Display for all their requirements regarding the display.

Although the clamshell screens are at the stage of still being considered vulnerable and sensitive, we expect to see better in the future. Take the Corning’s Gorilla Glass generation, for example, we can notice better results there, and we will definitely see improvements in the Samsung Display case as well.

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