Samsung Could offer a Clamshell Foldable Device

A number of sources claimed that Samsung could be working on a smartphone that comes in a clamshell form factor while also offering a flexible panel. The concept of such a device was showcased by the company during a Samsung Developer Conference, and a team of researchers and engineers is working on it.

A blast from the past

Many smartphone users will remember that the clamshell folding mechanism was quite popular in the feature phones era. The display was located in on the upper half while the buttons were placed on the lower one, and it was easy to flip them with one hand.

Within the video showed by Samsung it is easy to see that the entire front of the device is comprised of a flexible touchscreen, with the icons being placed on the lower side of the device. The upper half of the screen can maintain a 90-degree angle, allowing users to place the device on a surface without problems.

Too soon to make predictions

While the design of the device is quite attractive and it may sell well is Samsung decided to manufacture, it is too early to anticipate de device. Many companies work on concept pieces, which are highlighted as the pinnacle of evolution during this phase but are abandoned when several challenges surface during the manufacturing stage.

Samsung had already faced the ire of consumers when the first version of the Galaxy Fold was released on the market, prompting the company to rework some aspects of the device in an attempt to prevent any potential issues.

The cost is another prohibitive factor which has to be taken into account. Buyers have to pay more than $2,000 for the Galaxy Fold, which is considerably bigger by comparison.

A more affordable price tag could attract a higher number of buyers, but only time will tell if Samsung will release a clamshell foldable smartphone in the future.

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