Safari Tips and Tricks for a Better Experience on Mac

Many of us prefer Safari over Chrome, and one of the reasons is because it consumes less battery. But some of the browser’s features and other functionalities need a good and quick fixing for a better experience. If you’re curious about what Safari has to offer or simply enhance your browser experience, there might be some tips and tricks to help you.

Best Safari Tips and Tricks for Mac Users

Displaying the Whole URL in the Address Bar

You can easily display the whole URL in the address bar by using reader view automatically for all webpages. Tap on reader view when you find a webpage that is messy to declutter it. A neat read format will be available. How can you do that?

Open Safari and go to the Preferences. Tap on Switch on the webpages tab and select Reader from the left side. Now you can use the Reader view feature automatically.

Activate the Link Preview in the Status Bar

Lots of types of hyperlinks can be spotted when you usually browse. Either you are taken directly to your desired page or redirected. Be careful with some webpages because they can stealthily take all your info. Link preview is an efficient tool. You can enable it by accessing the Menu bar, selecting the view, and then you can tap on Show Status Bar from there.

Block Auto-Playing Videos

It becomes incredibly annoying when a video starts playing automatically. And it’s even worse when you close the page because it will keep on playing in the background. Luckily, there is a useful method to solve such an issue.

Open Safari, tap on Preferences, and go to the Website tab. Choose Auto Play and wither select Stop Media with Sound or Never Auto-Play. Now, you can enjoy a smooth experience on your Safari browser.

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