Roblox Won’t Launch on PS4 This Year, According to Latest Reports

Roblox is one of the most played online multiplayer games in the world. It is so popular among users because it offers its customers a unique concept that involves not only playing the game but also creating the plot. This has caught the attention of over 100 million gamers, with thousands being added to the list each and every day.

Users can access this game on any existing game platform apart from PS4. This is why one of the most asked questions in the gaming world is whether Roblox will finally be accessible for PS4 users this year or not.

Since the launch of Roblox back in 2006, this rumor has been circulating each year, and this time it makes no exception. However, it is said that this year is not the lucky time for making Roblox available for PS4.

Roblox Won’t Launch on PS4 Anytime Soon

The reason for this is that Roblox has already made a contract with Xbox One, and it is willing to keep its promise being fully dedicated to the company. Other opinions state that the collaboration between Roblox and PS4 would cause adverse publicity for the latter because of the association of the game with the competitors.

Jack Hendrix, one of the members of the board of directors, has stated back in 2016 that the production of Roblox for PS4 is still under discussion, but he could not give a release date.

There is one more alternative that users tried to get Roblox on their PS4: downloading it online on their PS4 console. However, the result was not the most desired one. All of them got the notification stating that the platform does not support the game. Therefore, fans are still waiting for the miracle to happen. Until then, they are enjoying other games from the developers such as Natural Disaster Survival, Theme Park Tycoon 2, or Scuba Diving at Quill Lake.

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