Resident Evil 8 Leaks Emerged On Twiter

Fans are impatiently waiting for any official statement regarding the launch of Capcom’s Resident Evil 8. But until then, the only source that has official leaks of the game’s features is AesteticGamer. This main account activity is based on tweeter, where fans; imagination is challenged to the maximum.

New speculations regarding the Resident Evil game have been recently posted on Twitter by AestheticGamer. The public opinion states that the upcoming features are going to be the most innovative series anyone has ever seen. The rumors are reporting that the game will bring a completely new plot for its fans.

In the tweet, it is mentioned that many of the gamers will be upset because of the upcoming release. In the meantime, they are encouraging fans to be open-minded about the features that are going to be released since Resident Evil is a very qualitative game. The company would not launch a remake of the last version of the game. Instead of that, they are bringing to the players a controversial and perplexing story.

Resident Evil 8 News And Rumors

The tweet is also underlining that the game will bear a resemblance to Resident Evil 3, the original game, and not the remake. Resident Evil 3 is a survival game dating back from 1999, that has been upgraded to high-resolution graphics and an incredible soundtrack.

Apparently, the company has been planning on the upcoming release of the game since 2016, and they are most likely to launch this game in 2021. The forthcoming Resident Evil 8 will probably take place in a simulated European setting, where monsters are governing.

Luckily, until next year we still have Resident Evil 3 Remake that can make the time fly away until the new Resident Evil 8 is published. In addition to this, an upcoming upgrade for the features of this game is coming soon.

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