Redmi Is Launching RedmiBook 13 and Redmi K30 in Five Days

China is the first destination for Redmi K30, launching on 10 December. Alongside with Redmi K30, another device will come for Xiaomi’s fans. The Redmi Book 13 makes way on the laptop market, even the company launched a few months ago the RedmiBook 14 and RedmiBook 14 Pro. If you are curious to know more about the next laptop, we have a few details until this moment.

RedmiBook 13

The reports are saying that the RedmiBook 13 will have a similar design with the RedmiBook 14 series. The difference will be at the display size instead. The paradox about the future laptop is that the Chinese e-commerce platform is already accepting pre-orders. So you can look on the website and see that the price is not available right now.

However, if we don’t have details about the price, we do know when the device will launch. On the Weibo website, we find the official post of the company about the new RedmiBook 13 and a picture of the device. The date launch is on 10 December in China. From the few details we can see from the image, the laptop has thin borders at the bottom and top, and the sides are quite similar to the MateBook D15 and MateBook D14 from Huawei.

Redmi Is Launching RedmiBook 13 and Redmi K30 in Five Days

Moreover, the company is saying that they thought to reduce the width of the bezel for this new laptop model. Having the bottom bezel cut, the user will have the full-screen feeling. Taking into account the competition between Redmi and Huawei, comparisons will always be made. Lu Weibing, the General Manager of Redmi, is saying that the new RedmiBook will come with a redesign of the circuit board.

Finally, the few official details we have about the new RedmiBook 13 don’t say anything about the internal specification. We are sure that the device will be performing and accessible. Also, take note that other devices will come along with the laptop, such as a smart speaker, or IoT devices.

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