Red Digital Cinema Is Out Of The Smartphone Industry

The Red Hydrogen One smartphone made an appearance in the F9: The Fast Saga trailer. Red Digital Cinema manufactures the Hydrogen One smartphone.

Trailer details

In the F9: The Fast Saga trailer, you can clearly see the Red Hydrogen One attached to the protagonists’ car dashboards. The phone is not very known to people, and we haven’t seen much of it, but the trailer shows two scenes where the Hydrogen One appears smartphone on the dashboard of Dominic’s car and Shawn’s car. Why does the phone appear in the upcoming movie?

We are not 100 percent sure, but we can assume that it could be due to the team working with the Red cameras to create the film.

The Red Hydrogen One could be seen very well in Dominic’s scene when he was driving his car. The scene displays the phone with a different kind of radar system, one which is not a part of any of the Android software. The rest of the scenes from the trailer exposed only the rear of the device; however, the phone was still easy to be recognized. The Red Hydrogen One is out of the the smartphone industry as the manufacturer team has announced to end their phone business.

Hydrogen One in movies

The company announced that it would abandon the smartphone business; however, the Red Hydrogen One seemed to appear in other films too after their decision regarding their business was made. The smartphone also appears in the Marvel’s Runaways last year, besides the recent trailer.

RED and Fox, Disney, and MCU made a contract in the past that ended, and they have also featured the Red Digital Cinema smartphone. Oddly enough, the Universe movie has also highlighted the Hydrogen One smartphone. The Red Hydrogen One device was released in August 2018, and it received mixed opinions.

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