Red Dead Redemption 2: The Beginner’s Guide for Successful Gameplay

Rockstar Games has done a pretty good job in designing Red Dead Redemption 2, an immersive western game that unfolds the American land from the end of the nineteenth century. The title was released by Rockstar in October 2018, and the company continues to add a lot of focus to it. RDR2 proposes the tale of an outlaw and the infamous Van der Linde gang, as they wander during the dawn of the modern age.

RDR2 gathered more than 600,000 players online, and learning how to be among them in a successful way is a good idea if you’re into action-adventure and Wild West games. Here are our top tips:

Improve your camp

You can feel free to improve functions like restocking supplies or interacting with gang members by taking advantage of the camp upgrade system. Arthur can also give the gang funds that can be used for upgrading the camp’s structures, such as the Provisions Wagon, the Medicine Wagon, and the Ammunition and Arms Wagon. These upgrades can lead to the player’s increased ability to deal with the open-world in a more efficient way.

Don’t lose your horse

Your horse is your trusted ally in this game, as it can help you with various tasks besides just moving you from one place to another. Arthur’s horse can carry extra clothes and even weapons. But your horse won’t magically teleport itself to your location any time you need it. You’ll have to make sure that you didn’t leave it at a very distant location, or else you’ll need to wait for a long time.

Use the Menu Shortcuts

These shortcuts are simplifying things a lot in the game, and you are free to use them as much as you can. For instance, view Tasks and Challenges without accessing the Progress menu by tapping the Journal button to bring up a small Log menu. You can also hold down the pause button for skipping right past the main menu and go straight into the map.

If you have any other favorite ways of dealing with the vast world of Red Dead Redemption 2, feel free to write them down in a comment


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