Realme 5 Smartphone Exploded In A User’s Pocket

Sometimes smartphones might get damaged and explodes. There are a lot of incidents of smartphone blasts. The recent report showcases how a Realme 5 device exploded in a user’s pocket. Such a thing raised many concerns. It shows the damages a smartphone could suffer and the consequences. The Realme 5 smartphone burned entirely to ashes as reports from Bhiwadi, Harayana state.

An MSP report states how misfortunate was Amit Rathi while riding his bike. The victim realized that his device, which was a Realme 5, caught fire. The smartphone went up in flames suddenly. Rathi couldn’t save a thing at all. He was also injured and got some minor burns during the accident. Luckily, there was no severe burn or other damages.

A Realme 5 Smartphone Exploded

The unfortunate event occurred on March 17. Rathi explained that he took the damaged smartphone to a nearby Realme service center. The report further indicates that the staff from the service center first agree to provide the man with a new device for free. However, Rathi was later asked to give 50 % of the cost.

The incident made it to the headlines, and the user got a call from Realme, granting him a replacement following the 21-days quarantine in India. Rathi and the rest of the users want to find out what caused such an explosion. While at first, Realme didn’t release any statements, later explanations were provided. The company succeeded in detailing the causes. Or at least, that’s what it believes. A device catching fire should be a serious concern.

It seems the smartphone was already damaged and has some external damages. Such things led most likely to the incident. Realme asked the user to pay 50 % of the total price. “The user’s phone battery caught fire, and we have analyzed the phone. The phone was badly deformed by external forces, and the battery was punctured, causing the battery to catch fire,” reads Realme’s full statement. Whatever the reasons were, the fact that a smartphone exploded should worry Realme 5 users.

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