Realme​ 5 Pro (aka Realme​ Q) Will Receive a New UI With ColorOS 7

Realme has produced a high number of smartphones that are sold in China and are also being launched and spread throughout India. For example, a mobile phone that is sold in China is called Realme Q, while in India is dubbed Realme 5 Pro.

As a matter of fact, Realme has been one of the top smartphone manufacturers in India due to the fantastic performance the Realme​ 5 Pro offered for the users in India back in 2019. Those expecting the Android 10, also known as the Realme UI update for Indians, on their Realme​ 5 Pro, there is news stating that it might roll out on February 14th for beta users.

Besides the Android 10 update pathway for Realme​ mobile devices, the 5 Pro is expected to get the upgrade sometime in the first quarter of 2020. However, considering the Realme​ support in China, the​ 5 Pro​ will most likely receive the Realme​ UI update on February 14th for beta testers.

Realme​ 5 Pro — New UI via the ColorOS 7

All Realme​ mobile phones will receive the Realme​ UI update, which is based on Android 10. It is the newest custom design that the company intends to implement into their devices, and it comes with an improved system, enhanced gaming graphics, a better RAM performance, and more.

The Realme​ UI will also pack options to customize the app icons, fonts style and size, and other features already present in the ColorOS 7. Just like the ColorOS 7, the new user interface will provide users with a system-wide dark mode, enhanced notification center, gestures navigation, enhanced app permissions, privacy and location management, camera optimization, and so on.

Moreover, Realme 5 Pro, aka Realme​ Q, is also going to be updated in China, which definitely implies that the Indian version of the smartphone, Realme​ 5 Pro​, will also get the Android 10 update soon.

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