Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming, and it also brings a new battle mode in the battlefield. Players will have to join an alliance and fight the oppo" />

Ready for a New Battle in Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming? New Event Called “Siege of Winterfell” Is Getting Started

The “Siege of Winterfell” is beginning in Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming, and it also brings a new battle mode in the battlefield. Players will have to join an alliance and fight the opposing alliance in real time. The spoils of war will get to the alliance that had gathered the most points. However, every player that has been on the battlefield will be rewarded.

Let’s learn more about the event and how to make sure you’re on the winning side.

Preparing for the Siege of Winterfell

Before joining the battleground, there are a few steps, such as registration and joining a league. The registration is similar to what you’ve seen in Alliance Conquest. Alliance officials will choose a time slot and then register the Siege of Winterfell event. Then, the top 50 alliances unprotected kingdoms will be able to join the event.

Participants will be split among three Leagues, depending on their battle rating: Super League, A League, and B League. Then, the will be able to register within 24 hours. You can join the battlefield 30 minutes before the battle begins. During this time, players can teleport to a different map and get the buffs and Lord bonuses for the incoming match.

Alliance officials can also head to the Battle Shop and buy healing speed up items before the match begins. And one more essential information: no troops will die during this event!

The Siege of Winterfell event has some restrictions as well. For instance, there are features you won’t be able to use in in the battleground: Dragon and Race Boots, the “Rally” function, and troop dispatch actions outside the battleground are going to be disabled.

Battleground Details: Event Map & Buildings, Points and the RTS Battle Mode

This event comes with new battle modes. Let’s see all the information regarding the Battleground.

Event Map & Buildings

There will be three periods during this event:

  • First Period – Greyjoy Outpost and Stark Outpost are unshielded.
  • Second Period – All remaining structures are unshielded after 12 minutes.
  • Third Period – Winterfell resources begin to appear.

Obtaining Points

Every building you occupy on the battlefield will give you points and alliance points. Some buildings, such as the Hot Spring or Armory will also give your alliance buffs. You can obtain points by capturing the buildings, but also by occupying them as much time as possible. Each passing minute will yield an amount of points. Give your alliance points by sending Winterfell resources to the buildings your side has captured and occupied.

The Real-time Strategy Battle Mode

Commanders: Chief Commander and Deputy Commanders

To get a Lord Bonus for the match, you will have to choose the available commanders before entering the battleground. These are the commanders you can choose during the Siege of Winterfell:

Russell, Robb Stark, Seg, Gorell, Haley, Chris, Jon Snow, Andrea, Sansa Stark, Meranda, Theon Greyjoy, Sheila, Soren, Jeane, Laena Water, Annie, Merrel Peake, Arslan, Cersei Lannister, Varys, Melisandre, Feis, Kravras.

Each commander has an exclusive real-time strategy skill that will use during the fight. You can use up to three commanders to each of your three armies. One of these commanders will be the Chief Commander, who gets to be the first that uses the Active Strategic Skill. Then, the other two commanders are Deputy Commander 1 and Deputy Commander 2, who will cast their skills in a cycle once the Chief Commander finished its turn.

Control Your Armies

Players can control the armies during their march – you can order them to move, attack, withdraw or garrison. There are several control buttons and ways of controlling the army:

  • Left-click on the army on the map if you want to select and control it. Alternatively, you can navigate to the army’s location by left-clicking on the avatars in the sidebar.
  • Left-click twice on the army if you want to select multiple armies.
  • Use keyboard numbers to select one or more armies (head over to Keyboard Shortcuts section to learn more)
  • Right-click on an empty spot to send your troops in that direction. If you click on an enemy army, your army will initiate an attack once it gets into range.
  • The Garrison and Withdraw command buttons can be found at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Left-click on an enemy army and click the Attack command button from the bottom right of the screen if you want to initiate a battle.
  • Left-click your army or an enemy army on the World Map to learn more about them.

Your armies have different marching speeds or attack range, depending on what unites they contain. Here’s a short preview of how marching speed and attack range works.

Army Marching Speed

An army will freely march in the battlefield and players can stop or change the command whenever they want to. There are four types of units: Cavalry, Infantry, Spearmen and Bowmen.

The fastest moving unit is Cavalry, and the slowest one is Infantry. If you choose to form an army with both Cavalry and Infantry, its speed will be the average speed of all the units. This means that if you have an army that contains only Cavalry units, its marching speed will be the highest.

Troops that get defeated in a fight will retreat and cannot be controlled by the player.

Army Attack Range

When it comes to range, each unit has a different use – this is why it’s essential to strategize and see which composition is better when engaging a certain enemy. For instance, the Cavalry and Infantry have the narrowest attack range. Bowmen have the widest attack range, and Spearmen have a medium attack range.

But there are also some rules regarding attack range when it comes to engaging in a fight or counterattacking.

  • Your army sent towards an enemy army will march towards the target and initiate the fight once they get in range.
  • The army can only attack one target – but the AoE skill effects will be applied to all enemies or friendly armies in range.
  • The army will attack its enemy every second of the fight, only if it’s in range. If you’re attacked, your army will be able to counterattack each attack, only if it’s in range of the attacker – if the attacker is not in range, the counterattack will deal less damage.
  • You can attack an army with more than one army. The enemy attacked by more than one of your armies will receive a debuff and receive extra damage. The more armies you use to attack the enemy army, the more damage you will deal and the more debuffs your enemy will receive.
  • If you cancel the attacks against an enemy and the enemy does the same, the battle will immediately end. The attack can be cancelled at any time.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Commanding Troops

  • Select team 1 by using Number key “1”
  • Select team 2 by using Number key “2”
  • Select team 3 by using Number key “3”
  • Multi-select teams by using “Shift” key
  • Recall the selected teams by using “R”
  • Make the selected teams stand down by using “S”

Siege of Winterfell Rewards

The siege will end once the countdown counter gets to zero. The alliance that will win the siege is the one that gathered the most points. Each player that was part of the event will get rewards based on how many points they have earned. If you are in the victorious alliance, you will win exclusive rewards.

The points that you have earned in the battlefield can be exchanged for Awakening materials or Simon Medals from the Valor Shop.

Start your battle and seize your throne in Westeros right away. The adventure starts as soon as you press the play button on the R2Games platform. Learn more about Game of Thrones Winter is Coming on the R2Games platform.

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