Rainbow Six Siege: The Grand Larceny Mode Brings Maximum Destruction

Ubisoft’s first-person shooter, the Rainbow Six Siege, is already a praised game for its intriguing destruction mechanics. Now, players will be introduced to the next level. The Grand Larceny is the latest limited-time mode developed in an entirely-destructible variant of the initial Hereford Base map.

Now, for the first time, Rainbow Six Siege’s mode will let players pass through ceilings and floors and blow open without being stopped by those annoying metal beams.

Rainbow Six Siege’s new mode put the defenders (Blighters) against the attackers (Crooks) on an early phase of the 20th century, a revamped version of the Hereford Base. Lookouts are enrolled to protect five safes divided on various floors. The robbers, too, must break to secure a win. But we have a twist, of course.

More about the new mode in Rainbow Six Siege

The weapon choice for all operators is limited to shotguns! So, they can utilize both main and secondary gadgets. But, sidearms are removed from the play, as well, making things even intriguing from now on. The shotgun-only update means the destruction element is turned to the maximum, and viewing both operators and safes collapsing through floors is not an unusual scene.

All operators are automatically kitted with appearances from the last Grand Larceny collection packs. These recent premium packs include 31 cosmetics such as uniforms, weapon skins, charms, and headgears. Players should pay 12500 Renown or 300 R6 Credits for the packages.

Purchasing the whole collection with real money will cost players 9300 R6 Credits, the equivalent of $100. So far, the Rainbow Six Siege The Grand Larceny mode offers one of the most expensive themed stuff to players. Even pro players and content devs have discussed how much they have to spend enjoying the new event at its fullest.

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