Rainbow Six Siege Patch Will Introduce Match Cancellation and Will Nerf Melusi


One of the Rainbow Six Siege’s operators will receive a nerf in the next Y5S2.1 patch. There will also be some tweaks, including some adjustments that will improve the operator’s skills.

The recent Rainbow Six Siege Steel Wave is just a little more than 10 days old, but quick patches will modify some things for the game itself. The patch will also introduce match cancellations for uneven matches. Here is what you should know. 

Melusi’s Banshees Will Get a Nerf

Rainbow Six Siege’s operators Melusi and Ace are OP when they came out. Usually, when a game introduces heroes, the way they influence the balance makes them one of two things. New heroes, for instance, either become OP picks or underpowered compared to old fighters.  

In Siege, we know that intel is everything. The team who got the better intel will almost always succeed. Melusi is an intel-gathering powerhouse, thanks to her Banshees. The Banshee sonic defense is a robust crowd device, and it also acts as a radar. It can slow players down once opponents are in the penalty area. The intel plus crowd control is something players want in Rainbow Six Siege. These things are also the ones that the Y5S2.1 patch will work out. 

According to the notes, Melusi’s penalty zone will lower by 33 %. The sound of Banshee’s effect in First Person POV will also be decreased. So, these modifications will make the matches against the operator less annoying. 

A Match Cancellation Feature and a New Sound Packaging

Melusi won’t be the only one to receive nerfs. Ace and Hibana will also receive a tweak. Rainbow Six Siege will update them to prevent the damage of Bandit’s Batteries with reinforcements. 

A match cancellation feature is also coming through the 2.1 patch. All the players with incomplete squads or too few players can cancel the game. “The goal will be to allow players to cancel matches in the early stages of a game under the condition that their team is incomplete,” stated Ubisoft. 

The sound packaging system now possesses a target release. The new, repackaged game sound and fixes will be available on Y5S2, which will arrive soon. Rainbow Six Siege is doing many fixes for the game because it still has a lot of Steel Wave underway. 

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