Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave: Launch Date and Other Details


Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave should arrive this month on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, according to the latest reports.

While Ubisoft is expected to announce a formal launch window, the big update is set to arrive late. To access the upcoming Operators Ace and Melusi at release, players will need the recent Year 5 Pass. Here are the latest details.

Operation Steel Wave Will Arrive Soon On Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege will get Operation Steel Wave this month, the next big update to hit Ubisoft’s praised tactical shooter. The recent multiplayer refresh brought two recruits, changing the Operator roster via trap skills and hard-breaching. It arrives with a House map rework, the first of Ubisoft’s casual designed map revisions, enhanced with balancing adjustments and new sleek visuals. 

New Operators Ace and Melusi are among the most significant additions, as the most recent squad alongside the counterterrorism elites. The update represents the last one to bring two specialists, with left Year 5 plans committing to only one Operator, as focus turns to the extra features. 

Ace, for instance, introduces the hydraulic SELMA charge, the Norwegian rescue and search veteran, now a hard breacher, as the last one to accompany Maverick, Thermite, and Hibana. Melusi, the South African, possesses a new proximity-based device, which slows down the opponents by sending a soundwave and giving a bulletproof option to barbed wire. 

Steel Wave also represents the House rework’s arrival, introducing sizeable improvements to the praised multiplayer map. While the Rainbow Six Siege stape initially launched during the game’s E3 2014 unveil, its restricted movement and small floorplan got the locale side-ranked for most Year 4. The House’s rework solves these issues and other changes. However, unlike the previous reworks, the devs made House more accessible to the casual audience, with no plans for a Ranked and an Unraked launch. 

New balancing adjustments also arrive with Steel Wave, bringing changes to Amaru and her grappling catch skill. The update lowers her recovery time upon landing, getting her weapons quicker, with higher aim control mid-flight. The Garra Hook cracks barricades as Amaru reaches them while climbing hatches without shooting them out previously. 

Operation Steel Wave will probably arrive on June 16. New Operators Ace and Melus will be this time around exclusive to Year 5 Pass or Uplay+ subscribers for the first week. The Year 5 Pass offers access to the recent 2020 Operators, and to a lot of bonuses and exclusive cosmetics. 

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