Rainbow Six Siege Cheating Is Rising, Ubisoft Reported

Ubisoft, the developer of Rainbow Six Siege, has released a list concerning all issues they are having with the game. The list is being updated periodically, and it looks that at the top of the latest list stands the cheating issue.

The company has revealed that lately, the number of players that don’t play by the rules is expanding. Like any game, Rainbow Six Siege doesn’t permit cheating, and the developer has reminded this fact in a blog post. According to the blog, the company is also working on different ways to combat this issue.

Here’s one method that cheating players are currently using the game: ‘lobby freezing.’ Unhonorable players use this trick to freeze themselves during lobbies. This way, they will disrupt the game and have more advantages.

Ubisoft will fix the increasing cheating in Rainbow Six Siege

The next update is going to track these type of activities that causes lots of unfortunate experience for the real players. “The updates will allow us to gather the necessary data points that we will use to track and identify lobby-freezing accurately. In future updates, we will use this data to detect and kick lobby-freezers automatically,” Ubisoft said.

At the moment, the game is using an anti-cheating software called BattlEye. The developer said that they would work more closely with the software company to upgrade the system. The goal is to strengthen the current system to discover the cheating users much faster.

Check out the official Rainbow Six Siege website to read the entire list of issues. The list includes the latest game bugs as well. It is almost impossible to put an end to cheating players. That’s why developers have such a hard time finding the best solutions. But, at least Ubisoft treats this situation seriously, and hopefully, a large number of cheaters will be caught.

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