Quebec Encounters a Tough Flu Season

The flu season has troubled the Canadian territory of Quebec very much. There have been too many cases reported according to the INSP, official health authority. The cases of flu have been reached the amount of 916 cases of influenza type A, over the last few weeks.

Quebec Encounters a Tough Flu Season

Also, influenza type B cases were up to 687, while RSV threatens the lives of 450 people. Usually, the three virus categories would occur at various periods during the winter, as Dr.Earl Rubin from the Montreal Children’s Hospital examined. Dr.Rubin is an infectious disease specialist who realized a series of tests and research.

“Influenza [A] generally hits the end of November, early December and then starts to wane and then B comes in later, like February, March. This year, all three are circulating at the same time,” explained Dr. Rubin.

Type B is considered critical because it affects the weakest from us, the children. However, it is not categorized as very dangerous. It should be regarded that the flu pulls reporting to date are included in the vaccine that’s been distributed in Quebec, and it’s not tardy to be vaccinated. INSP explained how a report about the efficacy of the current season’s flu vaccine would be declared later in the next months.

More About Flu Types

Influenza, or the flu, is described as a massively contagious respiratory virus. It occurs during the winter months, with a start period of an eruption in the fall. It usually starts affecting the respiratory droplets when someone who has the flu coughs or sneezes. The class of viruses that flu is part of is extended, but there are three types widespread known as type A and B. Flu type A can occur at humans, and even animals.

B type, on the other hand, is usually found only in humans. Both the types are very contagious. People who contract one of them spread the virus to others from almost xis feet away when they sneeze or cough. The symptoms might include fever, sore throat, headaches, cough, runny nose, or tiredness. Flu vaccines are recommended, and they can be trivalent or quadrivalent. A trivalent type protects you against three flu viruses, such as type B, H1N1 type A, and H3N2 type A.

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