PUBG Mobile — The Field Commander Set is Now Available

PUGB Mobile’s most recent update ​has brought a lot of new additions to the game this year. The latest release, PUBG 0.16.5 update, has come up with lots of surprises for the players all over the world.

The game’s Season 11 is the latest important update made to the loved mobile shooter title on both Android and iOS devices. Fans were eagerly waiting for the eleventh season to roll out on all servers, in order to dig into the content, they anticipated for long. The new update was also scheduled to bring the new Royale Pass rewards of the season.

Tencent has then released the PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 update on January 10th, and it brought new customized weapon skins, brand new costumes, and more. With this new release, the developers have leveled up the game entirely.

PUBG Mobile — The Field Commander Set is Now Available

On the official Twitter account, the ​PUBG Mobile​ representatives wrote: “Take control of the battleground with the Field Commander Set, now in Premium Crates! Get yours before they are gone, you don’t want to be left following other people’s orders, do you?”

According to the Twitter post, the new Field Commander set is now accessible, but for premium crates only. The newly unveiled image shows a new costume with a UMP-49 in the hands of a game character. The character is all equipped and covered from top to bottom in the new costume. This outfit also appears to reflect a fresh and immersive iron look that is coming from the buildings placed around.

PowerBang Gaming, a YouTuber and PUBG Mobile​ fan and player replied to the tweet posted by the game officials, saying, “I tried. Had to tap out at $500.” ​The YouTuber has been in a PUBG mobile break, with no more streamings in the last few years. However, when asked about his comeback, he replied, and said that “streaming is going to be live very soon; stay tuned.”

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