PUBG Mobile Season 15 Will Add New Face Masks, Outfit, and More

pubg Season 15

The new PUBG Mobile leaks unveil some of the biggest additions to the Season 15. 

PUBG Mobile Season 14 has arrived last week, bringing lots of themed cosmetic designs, rewards, and a couple of other items. But, leading up to the launch, some leaks, and rumors emerged surrounding the season, and now the same happens with the next PUBG Mobile Season 15.

The upcoming seasons is more than a month away, but a few leaks have hinted some of the items and rewards we can expect to be introduced. Here is everything you need to know.

Face Masks

The next PUBG Mobile Season 15 Battle Pass won’t introduce any graffitis. We should expect 12 new face masks, which can also be seen as face make-up. All the face masks will be available only with the Battle Pass.

New Outfit

PUBG Season 15 will also feature a new outfit that’ll be offered to players as a reward for buying the UC. The outfit will include short pants, a pair of gloves, and a jacket. Players will also get a pair of shoes to accessorize their new outfit. 

M16A4 Gun

As part of the tier reward will bring the M16A4, one of the most used weapons in PUBG Mobile. Players can use it as a secondary gun or secure a good number of kills in the end circle. 

New Emotes

PUBG Mobile Season 15 will also add a set of new emotes to the game. Unfortunately, we don’t know yet how the new emotes will look. More information should be available in the coming weeks. 

New Backpack

The recent leak shows a new backpack that’ll be available with the new PUBG Mobile Season 15. The item looks nothing special, but its design will sure match various environments. 

New Parachute and Vehicle Skin

Finally, the PUBG Mobile Season 15 will add a new parachute and vehicle skin, according to the leaks. The chute will be available as part of the tier reward along with the new vehicle skin. 

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