PUBG Mobile Season 14 Launch Date: Royale Pass, Season Length, and More


The upcoming season will introduce lots of new skins, rewards, and cosmetics, but when will it arrive?

PUBG Mobile has offered us some fantastic content to experience. Every season, we’ve got gameplay updates and other stuff that keep the game fun and fresh for everyone. Nothing is changing with the launch of Season 14. We’ll be receiving new cosmetics and a bunch of updates to the weapons, map, and more. Here is what you should know.

PUBG Mobile Season 14 Launch Date and Season Length

PUBG Mobile Season 14 should begin almost immediately after the end of Season 13, and that is on July 12. Season 14 will bring brand new cosmetics and features. You might have to update the game/app to make sure you’re ready for the upcoming release. However, Season 14 might not arrive until July 14. We should wait for more details to be released in the coming weeks.

Every season of PUBG Mobile is around two months. Season 14 is expected to start on July 12 and will probably end on September 6. Keep in mind that some content might receive delays, making the arrival of Season 14 slightly longer. 

Royale Pass 

The PUBG Mobile Season 14 Royale Pass will arrive with the launch of the new season. Such a thing means that we have almost eight weeks to complete the Royale Pass. 

If you can’t wait to play the new season, you should know that the Pass is definitely worth purchasing for some of the best cosmetics. More details should be revealed soon!

PUBG Mobile Season 13 End Date Details

PUBG Mobile Season 13 is set to come to an end on July 12. On that date, the Royale Pass will arrive at an end, too, and we’ll no longer be able to collect the rewards from it. Make sure you reach the final tier of the Pass before that date and get ready for new challenges!

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