PUBG Mobile Season 13 Will Introduce New Character and Lego-themed Weapons

PUBG Mobile succeeded in making quite the impression since it was first released. The game had actually gathered millions of players worldwide. PUBG is regularly updated with new fantastic season themes, and the upcoming one seems promising. Back in March, we witnessed the PUBG Mobile Season 12, a mix of intriguing stuff and a lot of fun. Now, reports tease at the next Season 13.

What to Expect From PUBG Mobile Season 13

A recent leak indicates that the upcoming PUBG season will be dubbed Toy Playground. Given the title of the season, we can expect a toy theme this time around. A Lego-themed with colorful gun skins, avatars, guns, and a lot more, is expected. What else will the upcoming season will introduce? Also, how significant will the theme be this time around?

The news about the PUBG Mobile Season 13 is teased by the well-known YouTuber Mr. Ghost Gaming. According to his YouTube post, Season 13 will be titled Toy Playground. The weapons’ skins spotted in the video resembles the popular toys. Mr. Ghost Gaming also hinted at a pistol with a colorful Lego, which seems to be the Power Ranger theme, and a Vector gun.

More Novelties in PUBG Mobile Season 13

Moreover, the leak indicates that the PUBG Mobile Season 13 Royale will arrive with a level 3 helmet skin and a new AUG skin. Players can buy the Royal Pass will also get the chance to win costume rewards, such as Lava Superman and Flash Superman. Also, the YouTube video shared by Mr. Ghost Gaming hints at a new Tribal Set. The set will comprise a male sheep’s skull mask and a similar costume.

PUBG Mobile Season 13 is also rumored to introduce a new character, dubbed Andy. Players can expect the update to arrive with a new voice chat options, as well. The release date of Season 13 is currently unknown, but it could be launched in the following weeks

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