PS5 Release Date and Price Tag Leaked: What to Expect

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Sony’s next-gen console could be released in Japan one week early.

As the PS5’s release event approaches without any precise information from Sony about its launch date or price tag, it’s the perfect time to listen to the recent rumors and watch the leaks create a buzz online. 

The newest batch of leaks indicates the PS5’s release date in November and its price of about $500 – no surprises there. What’s intriguing now about this leak is that the next-gen console might be launched in Sony’s native Japan one week earlier than in the US, for instance, or Europe. Here is what you need to know.

PS5 Possible Price Tag

Source MyDrivers indicates the PS5 Blu-ray edition might cost us up to $500, and the PS5 Digital Edition will be much cheaper, costing us $400. The DualSense Controller will cost $60, the same as a PS5 HD Camera. 

The leak also suggests that a media remote control will cost $30, while a vertical stand is $25. The accessories’ price tags seem more or less in line with the ones from previous PS launches. 

The only game teased for purchase is Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The title will cost $40. Such a thing seems in line with the previous “standalone expansion” games. PS4’s Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, for example, came at the same price.

PS5 Leaked Pre-order Date

MyDrivers offered some key details about the PS5’s pre-order date, as well. According to the leaks, the PS5 pre-orders will be available next month, on September 9, as this date celebrates the 25th anniversary of the PS1’s arrival in North America. 

The likelihood of Sony’s next-gen console to arrive in Japan first and a week early doesn’t seem that odd, but it could certainly go against historical precedents. The PS4 was launched in North America and Europe in late 2013, and it hit the Japan market in 2014. 

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