PS5 Price Might Be Not More Than $500, Hints Former Xbox Boss


PS5 might arrive with an accessible price tag, according to former Xbox executive. 

There have been leaks and speculations indicating the console can cost up to $700, one industry expert has said that Sony likely won’t release PS5 for that much. Here is what you should know. 

PS5 Might Arrive With the Best Price Tag

As seen by EssentiallySports, former Xbox executive Albert Penello posted on Twitter response to speculations that the PS5 could cost $600. He said that it’s almost impossible for him to believe that the next-gen console would cost us more than $499. 

Of course, Penello doesn’t have any new details about PS5, since he doesn’t work anymore for Xbox and never worked for Sony. However, he has something more valuable – experience in the sector. So, his opinion might weight more than we can imagine. He stated, as well, that the price would be extremely significant to judging the success of the PS5 and its rival, the Xbox Series X. 

After a lot of retweets and explanations, Penello said, “never say never.” He also added the context of the nearly low price tag that turned the PS4 into a success. 

Several PS5 cost speculations emerged around the event last week, with some exposed listings indicating that the next-gen console might cost as much as $700. Such a thing is bad not only because it’s a lot of money but also because the Xbox Series X is believed to undercut the PS5 by a significant amount. This fact could make players without strong loyalty to the PS brand to choose Xbox. 

However, a more recent report comes with more details. Amazon France briefly displayed the two PS5 consoles in euros on its website, unveiling a price that converts to approximately $565 for the Blu-ray drive variant and $450 for the Digital Edition. Let’s hope that this information will turn out to be accurate.

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