PS5 Price is Still a Mystery as Sony Remains Silent


It seems that Sony still hasn’t decided a price for its next-gen console, the PlayStation 5. Reddit user youessbee revealed what the company claim to be a survey from Neilson asking their opinions on pricing.

The survey displays two random prices and asks for the participants’ views. The prices are ridiculously low, which they seem hard to believe for some. So, what should we expect? Here are the latest details. 

PS5 Price Expectations: The Importance of a Survey

Sony’s survey indicates two random prices of the next-gen console. And there’s simply no way the PS5 will arrive at £349 with a digital edition at £259. These prices translate to approximately $436 and $259, which would be about $36 more than the PS4 Pro, and $64 cheaper than the release price of the 20GB PS3. However, if we read between the lines, it looks like that there’s something really intriguing happening there. 

If Nielsen is generating random prices, it means that some users have been presented with extremely high ones to comment. Sony is likely gathering a whole range of prices, sending them out to users, and seeing the point at which people flip from “shut up and take my money” to “uh, I think I’ll wait for a sale.”

Is the PS5 Price That Controversial?

The PS5’s price has been the source of countless rumors, partly because you can come up with a reasonable argument that it’ll be pleasingly low or higher than we’ve ever witnessed before. 

Recently, a PS5 price leak from tipster IronManPS5 stated that the next-gen console would arrive with a price tag of $499 in the US and £449 in the UK. The tipster also unveiled that the PS5 Digital Edition will cost $100 and £100 less than its disk drive-packed brother, costing $399 and £349 in the US, and the UK, respectively. 

In all likelihood, Sony will come down after a while with a price somewhere in the middle. It will absorb some of the costs, but not exactly giving the next-gen console away either. 

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