PS5 Price and Pre-Orders: What We Should Expect


The PS5 price is one of the few details that Sony has decided to keep a mystery. Even at its June PS5 event, the company preferred to stay quiet on pricing. 

Luckily, there are a lot of PS5 speculations that have offered realistic insights on manufacture and parts cost, the effects of global politics, and other significant details. Here is what you should know. 

PS5 Price: A Cheaper Digital Edition

June’s PlayStation event unveiled not one but two PS5s, the PS5 Digital Edition and PS5. Such a thing might be a significant marker when it comes to the next-gen console price. 

A dual device strategy points that the company can keep let’s say, at least one variant more affordable while still providing a more fully-featured PS5. But, while we don’t have any confirmation about such a thing, it is believed that the full-flat disc-playing PS5 and the cheaper, disc-less PS5 Digital Edition will pack performance parity the optical drive the only difference we should expect. 

A few days after the PS5 reveal, Jim Ryan, the PlayStation CEO, said that Sony is looking to “emphasize value as opposed to price,” which seems rather like a way of justifying that the next-gen console will be a pricey bit of kit. 

However, the Amazon France website says otherwise. Twitter user Ben Geskin spotted on the site that the PS5 would be 500 euros with the PS5 Digital Edition at 400. Given the known differences in region and currency, this would seem to point at release prices of $450 for the PS5 and with the PS5 Digital Edition at $399 in the US and UK. 

As ever, it’s better if we take such rumors and leaks with a considerable pinch of salt. The intriguing side note here is that, if accurate, the Amazon France post also suggests a PS5 launch date of 20th November 2020. 

PS5 Pre-orders

PS5 pre-orders are not available at the moment. Previously, pre-orders have quickly followed the PlayStation events at E3, but the timeline has been very different this year for many reasons. 

With possible manufacturing problems, those already with their mind fixed on one of the first PS5 consoles would do well to act fast when pre-orders start. There might be a deposit to stake your claim of up to approximately $100. At least, it’s a way to spread out the cost a bit. 

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