PS5 Might Revive An Iconic Gem, But The PS4 Could Also Get A Significant Release

Fans of Sony consoles might see an iconic PlayStation gem get revived on Sony’s upcoming gaming system, but it’s likely also to see a new release for the PS4!

PS5 enthusiasts can’t wait to learn more about the highly anticipated successor to the PS4. So far, Sony has been publishing insignificant amounts of information regarding the PS5 ahead of a current event shortly.

It’s expected to see a PS5 reveal in February, but due to some reasons, people believe that it will happen in March.

The Event

The PS5 event is believed to introduce the world to the next-gen PlayStation as well as reveal some details about pricing, games, and the release date of the system.

The PS5 will reportedly hit shelves later this year, during the holiday season.

As fans are getting increasingly impatient, a fresh leak might have just revealed some details about a game that will supposedly be arriving on the PS5.

The Revived Gem

A post from TheSixthAxis says that a return to the Tony Hawk series might be in the works.

Punk band The Death Set claimed publicly that they had licensed five new tracks fo the “Tony Hawk 2020 game”.

They teased that fans will be hearing the new songs “soon” – in a post that they deleted afterward.

No platforms were mentioned, but the fact that the game will be released in 2020, then it’s likely to see it also be published on the PS5.


The Series began on the N64 console, then evolved to the Dreamcast, PS2, PS3, GameCube, Wii, Xbox 360, and others!

The last significant game in the Series was Pro Skater 5, which was launched for current generation consoles back in 2015.

A new cross-generation game would be a great addition to the Series!

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