PS5 Might Be the Biggest Console So Far: Could This Be a Problem?


Sony’s much-awaited next-gen console, PlayStation 5, seems huge, making the Xbox One looking small. Could such a feature be an issue?

PS5’s design is certainly distinctive, probably the best we’ve seen so far at a video game console, but it also looks to be one of the biggest consoles so far. Here is what you should know.

PS5’s Design Details: Should We Worry About the Size?

A post on Reddit community r/absoluteunits claims that the PS5 compares to the Nintendo Switch Lite and Xbox One X. Such a thing doesn’t paint a whole picture, but a render designed utilizing known measurements for the next-gen console so that it might be not entirely accurate. One thing’s for sure, PS5 is a beast of a console. It was developed to be even bigger than the original PS3 if the recent comments on Reddit are to be believed. 

Unfortunately, the posted image compares Sony’s upcoming console to the Xbox One X, not the Xbox Series X – its main rival. Microsoft’s Series X displays a cuboid design, which was unveiled last year. Even if the Series X matches the width and height of the PS5, it will probably still be more comfortable to store and position thanks to its more regular shape. 

When the PS5’s design was unveiled for the first time, it divided some fan opinions. The bottom-heavy and tall design with its two-color scheme and “wings” were praised for being distinctive, but some called it utterly ridiculous. However, the next-gen console’s appearance is less important than the fact that some users might not be able to find a place to position this futuristic skyscraper of a console. 

If the render spotted on Reddit is anything to go by, Sony’s PS5 design will be way too large for our desks, or it won’t fit under our TVs. We should wait for more details to be released to be sure how accurate this information is. Let’s hope Sony didn’t fail in the design department. 

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