PS5 Leak Reportedly Revealed The Consumer Model Design

We got information from the release date, features, to other specifications for the upcoming PS5, and now we can wait patiently. The only things missing are the details about the next-gen’s console. We could see a slight improvement from the previous model, or we can witness the birth of a revolutionary concept.

As Sony keeps such details hidden at the moment, we could only speculate and listen to the last resurfaced rumors. Currently, a bunch of so-called patent drawings for the consumer version of the PS5 has been unveiled on the popular imageboard 4channel.

Moreover, an odd image claiming to be the real deal of PS5 got published on the same website. The overall appearance of the upcoming console in the pretending designs and the unclear picture is remarkable.

PS5’s Design Aspects

As the images resurfaced, the next-gen console looks like it received some of the best looks so far. How different from its predecessors, we couldn’t say for sure, but it does appear more innovative than before. CCN via 4channel has posted a bunch of possible designs that might or might not end up as final drawings for the PS5 consumer variant. They are, however, nothing like the leaked pictures of the console’s devkit.

The overall pattern of the PS5 in the probably untrue patent renderings would be more like one of the ways Microsoft would develop with its upcoming Xbox series, rather than Sony’s exhibit 2020 contribution into the console business.

For example, the base part of the console has a bottom-right and top-left edges, which appears to bulge out from below the top place of the PS5. The images do indeed display some odd and clumsy designs. What’s more significant is that the consumer model console’s architecture looks like a breath of fresh air.

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