PS5 Cost Might Be Influenced by Significant Factor

As you might know, the next-gen console from Sony will arrive this year. We didn’t receive an official launch date yet, but we should expect it to be introduced somewhere close to the holidays. As for PS5’s specs and features, developers didn’t reveal too much, but we found out about its faster loading times.

We also received some hints and too many rumors that fueled the craziest concepts so far. Yet, no information about the cost of the next-gen console. Of course, we can make some predictions, considering the predecessor, and other consoles, as well. Pricing remains one big question, as fans seem that they can’t keep their patience for too long.

What will the PS5 cost? Sony officials answered that question in a recent earnings call, stating that such details might depend on many factors. One significant factor includes the competition. This fact is probably a reference to the Xbox Series X, which also doesn’t reveal a thing about its cost.

PS5’s Competitors Might Influence the Cost

Hiroki Totoki, the CFO, stated: “So it is very difficult to discuss anything about the price at this time. Depending upon the price level, we may have to determine the promotion that we are going to deploy, and how much cost we are prepared to pay.”

It is hard to talk precisely about PS5 costs at this period, according to Totoki. But fans and other investors go with the idea that Sony will pick the optimal approach.

To compare the previous launch, the PS4 released in2013 for $400, while its competitor, the Xbox One, which arrived with a Kinect for every console, was launched at $500, the same year. Currently, Sony is centered on reaching down the sales elements and the production of the PS5 release strategy for protecting the right amount of consoles for release, according to Totoki.

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