PS5 Black Edition by Snoreyn is the Best Concept Design Ever


A PS5 Black Edition concept design video by Snoreyn (Giuseppe Spinelli) emerged on YouTube recently. The video shows exactly what many of us would like Sony to release this Christmas.

It’s already been mentioned that we’ll get a custom PS5 console, but Sony could do no harm by also producing a black edition, right? Here is what you should know. 

PS5 Black Edition: What We Should Expect

There have been lots of calls for Sony to mass-produce a black variant of the PS5. But if the white bold “wings” of the console are removable, then it wouldn’t be a big deal to replace them with black ones! 

The worldwide fanbase has accepted the actual black and white console, regardless of the constant “it looks like a router” comments. But this new concept design video by Snoreyn is something we all crave. It also proves that a PS5 Black Edition needs to be in the works.  

The fantastic and surprisingly dramatic short video by Snoreyn is clearly copied from the official Sony unveil of the PS5 hardware from a few weeks ago, with the skillful designer including his touch. Everything looks so beautiful in black! Both the PS5 Digital Edition console and the Blu-ray PS5 variant, look even more dramatic. Even the DualSense controllers seem more fashionable. 

Launching a PS5 Black Edition for the mass might be like a “no-brainer” choice for Sony, and it would be intriguing if the company didn’t think about such hardware at some point, maybe just in time for Christmas. Sony claims to have more surprises in store for fans, and custom editions and a black version of the next-gen console could be the best part yet.

Snoreyin has even displayed a Max Payne sneak peek for the PS5 in his concept design video, which many of us would welcome as a long-postponed sequel to 2012’s Max Payne 3. Take a look at the fantastic concept video below!

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