PS2 Consoles Can Now Play Homebrew Games Without DVD Player Mods Or Exploits

The PlayStation 2 is about twenty years old, but it’s still a tough job to play homebrew hames without modifying the hardware.

A New Method

Gamers typically had to install a modchip, but now they won’t need to do that anymore, as a specially-configured memory can do that for them. Alternatively, the “modding” can be done by prying the console and accessing the disc reader’s sensors.

CTurt, a security software engineer, developed a homebrew app method that exploits the DVD player of the PS2 to allow it to run on unofficial code.

The method implies corrupting critical functions in the files that are always present on DVD movies and then loading a second step of the process that is not constrained like the first one.

The method is still new, but it was proven effective.

You only have to put a disc in the PS2’s designated drive and wait for the magic to happen.

There is the possibility of booting into a menu that allows you to play a variety of games stored on the same disc.

However, the mod also hints at the possibility of allowing unofficial games on other consoles.

CTurt thinks that a similar method might work for other PlayStation consoles.

However, that might not sound so amazing when you consider that some PS5 models won’t feature disc drives.

It’s nice to see new mods like this pop up from time to time, but it’s impressive that, though we are talking about a system that is about two decades old, the method was not seen before.

People like CTurt amaze us with their findings and creative minds, and we salute them for that!

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