Pokemon Home Is Now Available for the Nintendo Switch and Mobile Devices

Nintendo has released Pokemon Home for the owners of Switch, iOS, and Android devices. The app offers the ability to move your Pokemon to the latest mainline game in the series Pokemon Sword and Shield. At the moment, it is compatible with older Nintendo games and support for Pokémon Go will be added in the future.

Basic features are provided for free but those who wish to use all that the service can offer will have to pay for a premium plan, with several subscription tiers being available. The differences between the free-to-use and premium versions are also quite noticeable.

For example, the basic version offers the ability to store 30 Pokémon while the paid one can house up to 6,000 Pokémon. Those who paid for the Pokemon Bank will not have the option to transfer their Pokémon from there unless they decide to pay for the premium version of Pokemon Home.

Pokemon Sword and Shield were bought by a record number of players, but the titles have been accompanied by a large number of controversies.

Pokemon Home Is Now Available for the Nintendo Switch and Mobile Devices

Many fans were disappointed when Game Freak, the developer of the Pokemon Games, announced that it wouldn’t include all of the creatures featured in previous entries.

While backlash was anticipated, some fans were so displeased by the announcement that they promoted boycotts across several social media platforms, and many promised that they would never buy another Pokemon game again.

In time the anger vanished from most places, but a new conflict appeared when Game Freak announced The Isle of Armor expansion. Among the content added by the DLC, we can count 200 Pokemon, new regions, quests, and few fixes. Some players complained that the content should have been in the game from the start, leading to heated debates.

Downloading Pokemon Home will offer the option to pick one of the Kanto starters on smartphones or to get a Pikachu on Nintendo Switch.

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