Pokemon Go Updates the PokeCoin Box

Pokemon Go updates the PokeCoin box again. This Monday special brings new rewards and items. Last week, we witnessed how the PokeCoin box brought 50 Great Balls. Also, the week before, players got 100 Poke Balls, so this time we should get ready for more. We begin the week with new and better rewards. Players got to enjoy 20 Ultra Balls and a bunch of other items.

New PokeCoin Box Released In Pokemon Go

This week we got a new PokeCoin Box, and beside those 20 Ultra Balls, players will also get 15 Pinap Berries. Such news is huge for those who are still quarantined. The update will also support players to stock up on Stunfisk candies, the newest addition to Pokemon Go.

This weekly PokeCoin Box has now hit the store and is available for buying until next Monday, April 13, at 1 PM Pacific Daylight Time. Next week a new box will be added, so stay tuned for extra fun with Pokemon Go.

1 PokeCoin bundles are available in the shop, as one-time buying. The bundles contain different items weekly. The latest one includes 20 Ultra Balls and 15 Pinap Berries. You have only one week to get these, so don’t forget to collect them all.

Pokemon Go Gets Ready For Spring Event

Niantic confirmed the upcoming event for Pokemon Go, the Springtime, starting on April 9 at 8.00 AM local time. Springtime will be available until April 16 at 10.00 PM local time. Players can expect to spot some Pokemon wearing flower headgears. Pikachu will wear, for example, a flower hat, while Buneary, a flower crown. They can be found and caught in the wild. Pichu and Togepi will wear, too, flower crowns, and can be hatched from eggs.

Other spring-themed items include Rare Pokemon such as Munchlax, Happiny, Chingling, Tyrogue, and Riolu. Also, all the eggs from gifts will be 2km eggs, and players will get 2x hatch candy and lucky eggs that will last for up to one hour in Pokemon Go.

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