Pokemon GO Master League Teams: How to Make it to the Top

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Pokemon GO Master League has recently arrived, and only the trainers with the greatest Pokemon of them all will become the best. 

Pokemon GO’s latest addition is now available for trainers worldwide to compete. Because the Master League has only PvP battles, some Pokemon have become more popular than others, and the competition is fiercer than ever. 

Players of all skill levels can join the Master League, as there isn’t any real downside to losing. Damaged or fainted Pokemon during PvP battles will return to their initial health status after the battle finishes. Here is what you need to know.

Pokemon GO’s Master League Features and Other Significant Details

Pokemon GO’s Master League has no limit when it comes to the amount of CP a Pokemon can posses, meaning that some of the best Pokemon will be competing. Unless you’re competing in the Premier Cup, some extra Legendary Pokemon will be sent out by trainers participating in various raids. Such a thing can turn a battle into a fierce one, but there are some Pokemon that are more highly recommended than others to add in the fight. 

The Legendary Pokemon, as mentioned above, are the most likely Pokemon for players to spot during the Master League. And this is because of the sheer strength and skills that come from their stats and moves. However, some non-Legendary Pokemon are also part of the top-ranked teams in Pokemon GO’s Master League. 

Most of the top teams will include two Pokemon, such as Dialga (Metal Claw and Draco Meteor), and Giratina (Altered Form; Shadow Claw and Dragon Claw). They’re very efficient in the Master League’s PvP, but many of the high rankings have a distinct Pokemon serve as the third team member. The top Pokemon are:

  • Metagross – Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash;
  • Palkia – Dragon Tail and Hydro Pump;
  • Togekiss – Charm and Dazzling Gleam;
  • Kyogre – Waterfall and Surf;
  • Lugia – Extrasensory and Sky Attack;
  • Melmetal – Thunder Shock and Flash Canon;
  • Zekrom – Dragon Breath and Outrage;
  • Reshiram – Dragon Breath and Overheat;
  • Mewtwo – Confusion and Psystrike;
  • Snorlax (Shadow) – Lick and Hyper Beam;
  • Dragonite – Dragon Breath and Outrage;
  • Latios – Dragon Breath and Psychic;
  • Swampert (Shadow) – Mud Shot and Hydro Canon;
  • Groudon – Dragon Tail and Earthquake.

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