Pocophone F2 Pro Price And Specs Leaked

After the launch of Xiaomi’s sub-brand called Pocophone F1 or POCO F1 for some other retailers, the affordable price-tag that OnePlus used to have was almost stolen by the 2018 phone. Pocophone F2 is on the cards, however.

Fortunately, this was not the case because the company has managed to impress its fans with the specifications of its gadget and has secretly obtained a sweet price. To some extent, the device is still admired by people that are currently concerned about its longevity. Unfortunately, Pocophone F2 Pro seems to fail to meet the expectations of the fans, even though the brand seems to be still alive.

Pocophone F2 Pro Price Leaked

Pocophone F1 caught people’s attention for its impressive specs that cost only $400. With its second series, the company decided to change the game and introduce the POCO X2, whose back case is made of glass. However, the specs were brought down to a mid-range level.

A Portuguese Website is reporting that the gadget will feature high-end settings, which will justify the price tag. The site has published that the device will start at $710. Other rumors stated that the device would be available starting from $655.

Pocophone F2 Pro Specs

The company will undoubtedly justify this price jump with a new series of cutting-edge technology implemented within the smartphone. The device will be powered by the latest version of the Snapdragon 865 chipset.

The camera setup comes with a 64MP primary camera, alongside three additional imaging sensors. The premium glass back is an impressive feature that will probably affect the selling price of the phone.

Up until now, there has been no official declaration. Therefore, there are still some uncertainties regarding the appearance of this device. The Pocophone F2 Pro will likely present a similar design to Redmi K30 Pro. In addition to this, while all the brands are rising their selling prices, Pocophone F2 will surely make no exception to this.

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