PlayStation’s State of Play Potential Games

The PlayStation’s State of Play will be available soon, and it’s possible to see some big game titles. The importance of announcements during previous repetitions of the broadcast event includes significant exclusive titles, such as The Last of Us Part 2’s launch date.

There also statements of games that may not be so well-expected but turn up to be remarkable. Here are some of the biggest game titles expected to be announced at the PlayStation’s State of Play.

Potential Games to Appear During PlayStation’s State of Play

Resident Evil 3 Remake

While the Resident Evil 2 remake did quite well impress, it is time to see another revival, this time for the third series of Resident Evil. Such a fact, however, was expected by fans. We still didn’t get an official statement about such a release, so see it at the PlayStation’s State of Play would be a huge surprise.

Minecraft (Bedrock)

The Bedrock version of Minecraft, also dubbed as Minecraft: Pocket Edition will be launching on PS4 on December 10, according to a Best Buy report. We could find out when the game will be released at the PlayStation’s State of Play.

Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima had its key art unveiled recently, a fact that fueled many speculations, some of them indicating a release soon. The basis of the rumor, however, was stirred by PlayStation’s choice of randomly update its YouTube playlist for the game a few days ago.

VR Games And Other Significant Features

The PlayStation’s State of Play designates another chance for PlayStation to reveal its commitment to the PSVR platform, as some new VR game titles will likely be presented. Sony’s Japan’s VR team launched Astro Bot Rescue Mission in 2018 to discerning and commercial success so that we might see a trailer for its upcoming VR title during the event.

The PlayStation’s State of Play represents another opportunity for developer Camouflaj to introduced the Iron Man VR. As for other titles, we could expect Kingdom Hearts 3’s ReMIND DLC or Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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