PlayStation 6 Might Reportedly Launch Along With PS5

By the way things look, PlayStation 6 (?) will come out soon! The rumor has it that Sony is on the way at launching its next-gen console. The gaming console is rumored to be in progress; however, there is no official confirmation from the company’s side yet. It might be called PS5 Pro, however.

PlayStation 6 Rumors

The leaks suggest that there are two Sony types of consoles on the way, but time will tell the truth. As you may or may not know, PS consoles are not the only ones out there on the market. The Xbox is out there too, and with the new Xbox Series X on the way featuring a powerful 12 teraflops GPU, Sony has to top up their game. There is always a competition on the market, and we cannot wait to see what Sony has in mind for its next-gen console.

Sony’s next console is rumored to be better and more advanced than the upcoming Xbox Series X. We don’t know wheater the high-end model of the future console will be called PlayStation 6 or PS 5 Pro, but it is definitely on the way. The more powerful next-gen console was confirmed ahead of the PlayStation 5 launch, so Sony has something behind the curtains.

Sony PlayStation 6 or PlayStation 5 Pro

Sony has two upcoming console models, one which is definitely the PS5 and the next-gen console, which is either PS5 Pro or the PS6. Both Sony and Microsoft are planning to launch more console models this year, a regular one and a more advanced premium version.

As for Sony’s console, the standard one will feature nine teraflops GPU, while the premium version will feature more teraflops GPU than the Xbox Series X. The premium console is also rumored to be priced around $600. More likely, it will be named PS 5 Pro.

PlayStation 6 (PS5 Pro) Release Date

There is no official confirmation from Sony regarding the release date of the next-gen console; however, we do have rumors for you. The internet opinions are divided between the PlayStation 6 console being launched together with the PS5 or sometime in the upcoming years.

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