PlayStation 5 Specifications Leaked Over The Internet

Even if Sony chose to stay silent about its next-gen console, that doesn’t mean we can’t listen to the latest rumors. Well, we might still have something from Sony, but those are only vague announcements, such as what type of GPU or CPU to expect from the PlayStation 5. Also, the fact that the next-gen console will arrive with a super-fast SSD, and a sleek DualShock 5 controller, better than we’ve witnessed so far.

But, as we said, we still don’t know much about the important stuff, not even a word about the console’s design. Maybe we could have PS5 if it weren’t for the coronavirus. Sony canceled lots of events, three so far, due to the coronavirus outbreak. It’s currently unknown when or where the company will be able to offer an official PS5 launch event.

Meanwhile, Microsoft released a few weeks ago an essential spec for its upcoming Xbox, keeping one crucial detail secret. And, if it weren’t for such news, we probably wouldn’t see some PS5 leaks now. The latest one, however, fuels some of the craziest features so far. But, remember that’s only a rumor, so we can’t verify it, unfortunately, no matter how significant it would be.

PlayStation 5 Possible Specifications Unveiled

The next-gen console might arrive with:

  • RAM 16GB GDDR6 + 4GB DDR4;
  • [email protected]/S @ 1TB;
  • AMD Zen2 8 Core @ 3.4 GHZ (Sony has plans to enhance this up to 3.7GHZ);
  • Dedicated RT and 3D Audio cores;
  • PlayStation AI Assistant that let players change games or create parties with voice commands;
  • 565GB Bandwidth;
  • Boosted Dual Shock 5 with heartbeat monitors, haptic triggers, and built-in microphone;
  • Full digital backward compatibility wit every PS console and handled for a library of up to 1000’s of games on the first day;

An anonymous leaker stated on 4chan last week that Sony will announce PS5 on March 3. But, as we got nothing so far, the leaker most probably published the date wrong, or maybe Sony postponed such an event again due to the coronavirus outbreak. However, it is still worth checking out the list of PlayStation 5 specs.

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