PlayStation 5 Might Get More Than 4,000 PS4 Games Titles Via Backwards Compatibility

Sony probably got intimidated by the latest Xbox Series X’s hardware news, because it made quite the announcement. The company confirmed the specs for PlayStation 5, but as some observed, they’re much behind the Xbox Series X. Why does such a thing occur?

Well, Microsoft appears more confident this time around and decided to stay more in touch with fans. For example, its next-gen console has been tested with YouTubers recently, offering more glimpses and details. Back to Sony’s announcement on its official YouTube channel, it has been rated as dull and plain boring. The details are pretty much vague and confusing.

Sony’s Latest Announcement on PlayStation 5 Backwards Compatibility is Confusing

As Sony decided to announce the specs of its next-gen console, fans didn’t receive them well. But, luckily, we still have hope. There’s one thing that matters. Sony has never set out to support previous game titles. And of course, as intriguing as it might be, there’s a catch, though. Mark Cerny, the lead architect of PS5, the upcoming console would only support some PS4 titles, and that’s all. We’re going to find out the exact titles at the time of release.

Tipster Nibel, however, has other news. He tweeted recently that more than 4000 PS4 game titles will be available for PS5. So, since the hardware of the next-gen console was confirmed to be enhanced, the games from PS4 would work flawlessly. Players would see more excellent frame rates, decreased frame drops, and higher resolutions.

But, such features might vary to every title, because some might not be extremely power-starving. Witcher 3 or Red Dead, on the other hand, would help stir the console. Until we get to see the full list of titles, Sony said these would be available at launch; we can only anticipate and listen to the latest rumors and leaks.

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