PlayStation 5 Leak Unveils Costs and Launch Date For Both Consoles and Accessories


After seeing the PS5 for the first time at Sony’s reveal event, we’re still waiting for any details about the price. Of course, we shouldn’t expect it to be cheap by any means; it has a super-fast SSD providing speeds of up to 5.5GB/s, a new Geometry Engine, a custom RDNA 2 chip from AMD, and more. 

However, a recent leak reveals the price for the Digital Edition, PS5 accessories, and the release date. Here is what you need to know.

PlayStation 5 Price, Release Date, and Other Significant Details

Twitter leaker @IronMan PS5 says that Sony’s next-gen console will arrive in North America and Europe on November 20, and have a price tag of $499 at launch. The Digital Edition will arrive on the same day and will retail for $399. 

While this information sounds very reasonable – with a lanch date right around the Xbox Series X’s speculated Thanksgiving release date – this is the same leaker who said that the PS5 wouldn’t be revealed until July, but would be available to pre-order in March; we’re still waiting for those pre-orders, though. 

The leaker also tweeted the same price tag and launch date back in November 2019, so this recent tweet cements that piece of information and adds the cost for the PS5 Digital Edition and the range of accessories. According to the tweet, the DualSense will arrive with a price tag of $59,99, the HD camera will be priced at $59,99, the charging cradle will come in at $29,99, the Pulse 3D, $159, and the PS5 remote will cost us $29,99. The accessories will be available in Europe and North America on November 20, alongside the PlayStation 5. 

The reason we have for being skeptical of this recent speculation is the leaker’s track record. While the launch date and the price align with what we’ve heard so far, it’s better to keep a bucket of salt close. 

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